From left to right: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

From left to right: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

What you used to coloring your drawings?

I usually use pen and ink for everything. For colored pictures, Faber Castell coloring pencils.

Holiis! soy tu fan desde dA, un gusto verte por aqui :D !

Hola! Omg Lo mismo digo! <3

FinalFantasy - Tears of Jenova&#8217;s Son by ~Prascovi
Hola nena, te extrañaba c:

Yo también, Zani!! *apachurra*

Do you take picture requests? If so, you can just Note me on DA (Gakusangi) and I'll be happy to bounce some ideas with you.

Hey Gakusangi! No, I don’t accept requests but ideas and suggestions are always welcome C:

I have no problem with your drawings they are great may one day you could do spain Punishing the femle cibi version of the dominican republic

I know the male version of the Dominican Republic in LatinHetalia, I haven’t seen a female version yet D:

I actually don’t draw chibis. It’s not really my thing, but hey, there are a lot of artists that are really good at it and could accept the request C:

FinalFantasy - Not your decision, Kadaj by ~Prascovi