From left to right: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

From left to right: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

What you used to coloring your drawings?

I usually use pen and ink for everything. For colored pictures, Faber Castell coloring pencils.

Holiis! soy tu fan desde dA, un gusto verte por aqui :D !

Hola! Omg Lo mismo digo! <3

FinalFantasy - Tears of Jenova&#8217;s Son by ~Prascovi
Hola nena, te extrañaba c:

Yo también, Zani!! *apachurra*

Do you take picture requests? If so, you can just Note me on DA (Gakusangi) and I'll be happy to bounce some ideas with you.

Hey Gakusangi! No, I don’t accept requests but ideas and suggestions are always welcome C:

I have no problem with your drawings they are great may one day you could do spain Punishing the femle cibi version of the dominican republic

I know the male version of the Dominican Republic in LatinHetalia, I haven’t seen a female version yet D:

I actually don’t draw chibis. It’s not really my thing, but hey, there are a lot of artists that are really good at it and could accept the request C:

FinalFantasy - Not your decision, Kadaj by ~Prascovi
I like your drawings they are great they give you a window into the past but what do think about coroparal being banned in the miodern world

Thank you very much! I’m probably replying very late,…

I think corporal punishment is in some way,…necessary. I don’t support abuse in any way, or course I don’t, but discipline is something different. You know, not every kid will understand you if you explain what’s wrong, we’re all different and a quick spank can be more useful that hundreds of words.

I know people, in our days, young boys or girls, that no matter how many times they get scolded, or have a serious conversation with their parents or teachers, they just don’t change their attitude. And we are not talking about one or two times, I mean every day. Their parents and the people who love them suffer because of their decisions and these kids at times, just don’t want to listen, are their lives, etc. 12-13-14 years old, making a mess in their houses, ruining relations in their families, and a lot more, just because they know that there are no consequences for them.

At least in my place, there are some parents that are desperate and the teachers get even bullied at school by their students. My mother is a Preschool-teacher and she is always very glad that she doesn’t have to instruct older kids or teenagers. 

Respect is before anything else, and it’s true that some parents doesn’t teach their kids the meaning of it, but in our modern world, a good number of changes have given the children some kind of power or place they are not really to take. Parents should be able to educate and discipline their kids the way that works for them. There are people that learn by talking, others can only learn with a quick physical reminder.

What I want to say is that, a spank or a slap is not going to kill anyone if it’s because of good reasons and in the right moment and place. You know, “fear” is one of the worst feelings in the world, but being afraid of your parents it’s definitely needed and even good.  

In the past there were extremes, of course they were, and extremes aren’t good at all, but today we have some realities and some of the people who support the banning of corporal punishment should take some topics in mind.